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The following table is generated as per the classification of JavaScript frameworks, or libraries which I have met or used.

MVVM, MVC Vue React, Redux Angular
Google Closure mobx (state management) nerv
superfine (only view layer) pjax (pushState + ajax)
Mobile (cross through platforms) framework7 ionic react-native
Animation GreenSock Walkway Dynamics
svg.js rellax (parallel scrolling) anime
dynamics.js particles.js (particle animations) contour (drawing SVG)
Bundle Tools Webpack parcel
Widgets Interact ScrollMagic watermarks
Sortable PhotoSwipe handsontablew
split clientjs (device information) downshift (input components based on React)
consola (console tools) strip-indent iframe-resizer
hammer.js, touchemulator, Touchy.js (touch) moment, moment-timezone keymaster (keyboard handler)
chromatism (utility functions for colors) browserslist cropper, Croppie (image cropper)
Clamp.js (overflow ellipses) react-dnd (Drag and Drop for React) shake.js (shake event for mobiles)
swiper (swiped banners) imagesloaded (check image loading status) jquery-locationpicker-plugin
Lint (or tools for conventions) ESLint jsdoc husky, git-commit-message-convention, commitlint
Functional jQuery lodash underscore
rxjs Classie number-precision
Browser Compatibility Modernizer phatomjs (simulated browser environment for testing) es3ify
Node csv-writer, csv-parser (csv) iconv-lite (encoding) node-glob, glob-stream
node-properties node-uuid node-zip
glslify through2 (file stream) puppeteer (Chrome API)
emailjs-mime-builder, emailjs-mime-parser utf8.js (utf8 encoder/decoder) node-sketch
node-cache node-sass exceljs
speedracer (test performance for Node modules) pkg (package executables) devtool (run Node.js programs with Chromium DevTools)
chrome-remote-interface (Chrome Debugging Protocol interface or Node.s) jsdiff (diff text) falcor (for data fetching)
lerna (multiple packages management) svgexport (SVG to PNG/JPEG for Node) remove-markdown (strip Markdown stuff from text)
cli-table node-apn node-progress (progress bar for Node)
Syntax Highlight pygments.js prism highlight.js
Graphic (VR, AR etc.) three.js (3D) viro (AR and VR) zdog
d3, d3-graphiviz aframe tracking.js
gm (GraphicsMagick for Node) sharp (based on Node) html2canvas
rough (hand-drawn generation) pixi.js
VivGraphJS mojs Polyvia
tesseract.js (text extractor from images) webvr-boilerplate (based on three.js) konva (Canvas Framework)
canny-edge-detection sigma.js StackBlur (Gaussian Blur)
Video video.js flv.js (flv player) ccapture.js (based on Canvas)
Audio howler.js Rythm.js aurora.js (audio decoding framework)
flac.js beats-audio-api
Data Visualization
echarts grafana Chart.js
fusioncharts-jquery-plugin react-vis (based on React)
JavaScript Parser acorn UglifyJS jstransform
Markdown Parser marked unified, remark remarkable
Security retire.js js-xss crypto-js
Editor simplemde-markdown-editor (Markdown) kindeditor react-ace (based on React)
ace monaco-editor (code) react-page (based on React)
HTTP / Socket Client ky (based on window.fetch) axios
Parsers psd.js htmlparser2 (HTML and XML) mailparser (MIME parser)
Data Training brain.js tfjs
Automated Testing rrweb (record and replay)
Shim / Polyfill raf (requestAnimationFrame) json3 core-estimator (navigator.hardwareConcurrency)
core-js ExplorerCanvas (simulated Canvas?) history.js
Webpack Loaders / Plugins loader-utils handlebars-loader css-split-webpack-plugin
git-revision-webpack-plugin vue-loader mini-css-extract-plugin
postcss-loader less-loader eslint-loader
css-loader webpack-dev-middleware analyse (analyse building states)
ES3-compatible-webpack-plugin sass-loader html-webpack-plugin
copy-webpack-plugin extract-text-webpack-plugin webpack-bundle-analyzer
react-hot-loader babel-loader
Book vuepress docz mdx-deck
UI YUI jquery-ui element (based on Vue)
ant-design (based on React) bootstrap wired-elements
Font-Awesome (icon toolkit)
Optimization cssnano UglifyJS optimize-js
css-blocks prettier clean-css
Template nunjucks handlebars.js
Test mocha, chai jest jasmine, karma

Note: strong links mean there are corresponding notes for those frameworks or libraries.

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